How it Works?


“TRSMicloud is a virtual phone system that connects to existing home, office or cellphone.”

Therefore, there is no need for the acquisition, installation or maintenance of costly phone hardware.

"A toll free number will allow your clients easier access to you or your business. "

We will set up a toll free number as well as a local number for your enterprise, also giving you the flexibility of customizing your department and employee extensions with ease.

“Its easy to setup extensions where calls can be sent to cellphones or any phone connected through the cloud.”

You can create extensions that forward calls anywhere home, office or cellphone.

“IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ”

Using a professionals produced voicemail greeting will direct your clients quickly and easily to all of your company services.

“Calling your clients from your mobile phone?”

We are also available in the app store! Calling your clients from your mobile phone? Using our TRSMicloud mobile app, the phone number that appears on the screen is the TRSMicloud caller ID instead of your phone’s number. Your clients won’t know the device you’re using to call them.

“When receiving a call, you have the options to: ”

Take the call, Direct the caller to your voicemail and Voice the caller’s phone number.

“Allowing you to bypass the outdated calling in service.”

Save time by opening a PDF or MP3 directly form your email to check your voice-messages .Read Your Voicemails is our new feature that reads your voicemails out loud. Each of the voicemails that are directed to your email account come with a transcript, allowing you to quickly be informed of the voicemail content.
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